Valley o the Keengs

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Location o the valley in the Theban Hills, Wast o the Nile, October 1988 (reid arrow shaws location)

The Valley o the Keengs (Arabic: وادي الملوكWādī al Mulūk), less eften cried the Valley o the Gates o the Keengs (Arabic: وادي ابواب الملوكWādī Abwāb al Mulūk),[1] is a valley in Egyp whaur, for a period o nearly 500 years frae the 16t tae 11th century BC, tombs wur constructit for the Pharaohs an pouerful nobles o the New Kinrick (the Aichteent tae the Twentiet Dynasties o Auncient Egyp).[2][3] The valley stands on the wast bank o the Nile, opposite Thebes (modren Luxor), within the heart o the Theban Necropolis.[4] The wadi consists o twa valleys, East Valley (whaur the majority o the ryal tombs are situatit) an Wast Valley.

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