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Vallecas' coat o airms
Panorama o Vallecas frae Cerro del Tío Pío (at sunset).
Facade o the kirk o saunt Peter ad vincula (in chains) - Vallecas, Madrid.

Vallecas [baˈʎekas] is a neeborheid o Madrid componit o twa destricts: Puente de Vallecas (population 240,917) an Villa de Vallecas (population 65,162). Vallecas wis a unthirlt veelage till 1950 when it became pairt o Madrid.

Owverview[eedit | eedit soorce]

Vallecas is kent for its wirkin-cless inhabitants who are vera proud o their destrict an name it familiarly as Vallekas or Valle del Kas an aw. Thus, Vallekas an mony ither occurrences o the k insteid o the c or qu in Spainyie wirds, a anti-orthographic attitude'.

The local pride coalesces aroond the Rayo Vallecano fitbaa team.

Durin the 60s, mony Spainyie immigrants tae the Madrid conurbation settled in Vallecas, fuirmin the lairgest slum aurie aroond Madrid.

Durin the decades o Franco regime, Vallecas earned its reputation as a neebourheid o resistance tae richt-wing dictatorship.

In this tradeetion, Vallecas is hame tae Spain's maist renouned ska baund Ska-P an aw, popular aw ower Europe an famous for its anarchist an leftist leerics.

In the last years, the destrict o Vallecas Villa experiencit a important enhancement wi aboot 25.000 new flats an hooses cried "PAU de Vallecas" or "Ensanche de Vallecas", ane o the biggest new auries in Madrid. Álvaro Negredo is the Vallecas maist famous export. " The Beast o the Vallecas" is a fitbawer who plays for Manchester City,

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Coordinates: 40°23′N 3°37′W / 40.383°N 3.617°W / 40.383; -3.617