Valentinian III

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Valentinian III
Emperor o the Wastren Roman Empire
Valentinian III Solidus 425 691788 (obverse).jpg
Solidus o Emperor Valentinian III.
Emperor o the Roman Empire
RingCaesar in the wast: 423–425
Emperor in the Wast:
23 October 425 – 16 Mairch 455
SuccessorPetronius Maximus
Co-emperorsTheodosius II (Eastren Emperor, 425-450)
Marcian (Eastren Emperor, 450-455)
Born2 Julie 419(419-07-02)
Dee'd16 Mairch 455(455-03-16) (aged 35)
IssueEudocia an Placidia
Full name
Flavius Placidius Valentinianus
Regnal name
Imperator Caesar Flavius Placidius Valentinianus Augustus
FaitherConstantius III
MitherGalla Placidia

Valentinian III (Laitin: Flavius Placidius Valentinianus Augustus;[1] 2 Julie 419 – 16 Mairch 455) wis Wastren Roman Emperor frae 425 tae 455. His ring wis merkit bi the ongaein dismemberment o the Wastren Empire.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. In Clessical Laitin, Valentinian's name wad be inscrived as FLAVIVS PLACIDIVS VALENTINIANVS AVGVSTVS.