Valentinian I

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Valentinian I
65t Emperor o the Roman Empire
Valentinian I
Ring26 Februar – 28 Mairch 364 (whole empire);
26 Mairch 364 – 17 November 375 (emperor o the wast)
SuccessorValens, Gratian an Valentinian II
Cibalae, Pannonia Secunda (Vinkovci, present-day Croatie)
Dee'd(375-11-17)17 November 375 (aged 54)
Brigetio, Pannonia Valeria (Szőny, present-day Hungary)
Valentinian II
Full name
Flavius Valentinianus (frae birth tae accession);
Flavius Valentinianus Augustus (as emperor)
FaitherGratian the Elder
ReleegionNicene Christianity

Valentinian I (Laitin: Flavius Valentinianus Augustus;[1] 321 – 17 November 375), an aa kent as Valentinian the Great,[2][3][4][5] wis Roman emperor frae 364 tae 375.

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