Valentín Alsina, Buenos Aires

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Valentín Alsina
Valentín Alsina is locatit in Greater Buenos Aires
Valentín Alsina
Valentín Alsina
Coordinates: 34°40′S 58°25′W / 34.667°S 58.417°W / -34.667; -58.417
Kintra  Argentinae
Province Bandera Buenos Aires.svg Buenos Aires
Partido Lanús
Foondit 1874
Elevation 7 m (23 ft)
Population (2001 census [INDEC])
 • Tot 41,155
CPA Base B 1822
Aurie code(s) +54 11

Valentín Alsina is a ceety in the Lanús Partido o Buenos Aires Province, Argentinae. It is locatit next tae Buenos Aires ceety in the Greater Buenos Aires urban aurie.

Thegither wi Boedo, San Telmo an Nueva Pompeya, Alsina is kent as a historical hame o tango muisic. An aw, an acause o its rich history, Valentín Alsina is includit as bein amang ane o the 100 barrios porteños ('Buenos Aires ceety suburbs').

The ceety wis namit efter politeecian Valentín Alsina.

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