Valdis Dombrovskis

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Valdis Dombrovskis
Valdis Dombrovskis 2009.jpg
European Commissioner for the Euro an Social Dialogue
Assumed office
1 November 2014
Preses Jean-Claude Juncker
Preceded by Jyrki Katainen (Economic an Monetary Affairs an the Euro)
Prime Meenister o Latvie
In office
12 Mairch 2009 – 22 Januar 2014
Preses Valdis Zatlers
Andris Bērziņš
Preceded by Ivars Godmanis
Succeeded by Laimdota Straujuma
Meenister o Finance
In office
7 November 2002 – 9 Mairch 2004
Prime Meenister Einars Repše
Preceded by Gundars Bērziņš
Succeeded by Oskars Spurdziņš
Personal details
Born 5 August 1971 (1971-08-05) (age 44)
Riga, Latvie
Poleetical pairty Unity (2011–present)
Ither poleetical
New Era Pairty (2002-2011)
Alma mater Varsity o Latvie
Riga Technical Varsity

Valdis Dombrovskis (born 5 August 1971) is a Latvie politeecian who served as Prime Meenister o Latvie frae 2009 till 2013, when he resigned.[1] He served as Meenister of Finance frae 2002 tae 2004 an wis a Member o the European Parliament for the New Era Pairty.

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