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Veelage Kirk
Veelage Kirk
Location o Vakıflı athin Turkey.
Location o Vakıflı athin Turkey.
Coordinates: 36°9′N 35°56′E / 36.150°N 35.933°E / 36.150; 35.933
Kintra Turkey
 • Tot130
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Vakıflı Köyü (Armenie: Վաքըֆ, Vak'if) is the anerlie remainin ethnic Armenie veelage in Turkey.[1][2] Locatit on the slopes o Musa Dagh in the Samandağ destrict o Hatay Province, the veelage owerleuks the Mediterranean Sea an is athin eyesicht o the Sirie border. It is hame tae a commonty o aboot 130 Turkis-Armenies.[2] Vakıflı is the anerlie totally Armenie village in the world still speaking a dialect of Wastren Armenie. The dialect is vera thick, an canna be fully unnerstuid bi ither Wastren Armenies.

The residents o Vakıflı are the stryndants o those Armenies who resistit the deportations an massacres o 1915 on Musa Dagh.[1] For 53 days they repelled attacks bi Turkis troops till French sailors sichtit a banner that the Armenies haed tee'd tae a tree on the muntain emblazoned wi the wirds "Christians in Distress: Rescue".[3] Efter bein transportit tae Port Said bi the French, seiven Armenie veelages returned tae their hames while Hatay wis unner French occupation stairtin frae 1918.[4] Follaein a greement atween Fraunce an Turkey an a plebiscite, the destrict revertit tae Turkey on 29 Juin 1939. Efter this muive the ither sax Armenie veelages immigratit oot o Hatay settlin in Lebanon's Beqaa Valley, especially Anjar, while the residents o Vakıflı chose tae stay.[4]

Vakıflı suffered frae a lack o jobs till the mid-2000s, promptin the younger generation tae muive tae Istanbul.[5] An estimatit 500 umwhile residents o Vakıflı live in Istanbul, an the veelage population increases tae aroond 300 in simmer as they visit.[5] Housomeivver, wi the help o the destrict govrenor (kaymakam) an the TEMA Foundation, which identifee'd ten veelages an developit specific projects for each veelage tae stop the urban migration, Vakıflı wis selectit for development o organic fermin an eco-tourism, an the veelage obtained the anerlie EU organic fermin certification in the region.[6][7] In 2004, Vakıflı Village Cooperative exportit organic oranges wirth ane million Euros, givin howp o economic viability tae the veelage an promptin some veelagers tae muive back frae Istanbul.[1][8]

Atween 1994 an 1997, the veelage kirk wis reconstructit an expandit wi assistance frae the Turkis govrenment.[3] In 2005, Vakıflı restored its auld schuil biggin, turnin it intae a bed-an-breakfast, wi twa mair auld hooses bein convertit tae bed-an-breakfasts.[9] Wi the help o the local govrenment an the Association for Development o Vakıflı, an Istanbul based organisation, a project for ecotourism is bein implementit that aims tae restore the tradeetional stane hooses o the veelage.[1]

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