Uvs Loch

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Uvs Loch
Uvs núr.JPG
Coordinates50°18′N 92°42′E / 50.300°N 92.700°E / 50.300; 92.700Coordinates: 50°18′N 92°42′E / 50.300°N 92.700°E / 50.300; 92.700
Primary inflowsTesiin gol an ithers
Primar ootflowsnone
Basin kintrasMongolie, Roushie
Max. lenth84 km (52 mi)
Max. weenth79 km (49 mi)
Surface aurie3,350 km2 (1,290 sq mi)
Average deepth6 m (20 ft)
Surface elevation759 m (2,490 ft)
Designatit22 Mairch 2004

Uvs Loch ([Увс нуур, Uws núr] error: {{lang-xx}}: text haes italic markup (help); [озеро Убсу-Нур, ozero Ubsu-Nur] error: {{lang-xx}}: text haes italic markup (help), Ubsu-Nur loch) is a heichly saline loch in an endorheic basin - Uvs Nuur Basin in Mongolie wi a smaw pairt in Roushie.