Unitit States Coast Guard

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Unitit States Coast Guard
Seal of the United States Coast Guard.svg
Active4 August 1790 – present
(230 years, 8 months)[1]
Kintra Unitit States o Americae
TeepCoast guard
SizeCeevilian employees: 8,722
Active duty personnel: 42,190
Selectit Reservists: 7,899
Auxiliary: 32,156
244 cutters
1,850 boats
204 aircraft[2][3]
Pairt o Depairtment o Homeland Security
Motto(s)Semper Paratus
ColorsWhite, CG Blue, CG Red[4]             
Mairch"Semper Paratus"
War o 1812
Seminole Wars
Mexican-American War
American Ceevil War
Spainyie American War
Warld War I
Warld War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Operation Sea Dragon III
Persian Gulf War
Operation Allied Force
Global War on Terrorism
War in Afghanistan
Iraq War
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Anti-piracy operations
DecorationsPresidential Unit Citation
Secretary o Homeland SecurityThe Honorable John F. Kelly
CommandantADM Robert J. Papp, Jr.
Vice CommandantVADM John Currier
Master Chief Petty OfficerMCPOCG Michael P. Leavitt
Racin StripeCGMark W.svg
Ensign (1953-present)Ensign of the United States Coast Guard.svg
StaundartFlag of the United States Coast Guard.svg

The Unitit States Coast Guard (USCG) is a branch o the Unitit States Airmed Forces an ane o the kintra's seven uniformed services. The Coast Guard is a maritime, militar, multi-mission service unique amang the U.S. militar branches for havin a maritime law enforcement mission (wi jurisdiction in baith domestic an internaitional watters) an a federal regulatory agency mission as pairt o its mission set. It operates unner the Depairtment o Homeland Security during peacetime, an can be transferred tae the Depairtment o the Navy bi the Preses at ony time, or bi Congress during time o war.

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