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Ukrainian Brazilian
Ucraino-brasileiro  · Ukrayintsi Brazylii[1]
Cerimonia de bencao dos alimentos.jpg
Fowk o Ukrainian strynd in Paraná
Tot population
(500,000 Ukrainian Brazilians
1% o Brazil's population[2]
Regions wi signeeficant populations
State o Paraná (an in minor degree, Mato Grosso do Sul an São Paulo)
Predominantly Ukrainian in the kintraside an Portuguese in urban auries.
85% belangin tae the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Kirk an a minority belangin tae the Eastren Orthodox Kirk an ither branchs of the Christianity
Relatit ethnic groups
other Brazilian an Ukrainians
White Brazilians, Ukrainian Canadians, Roushie Brazilians, Pols Brazilians, Lithuanie Brazilians, Greek Brazilians

Ukrainians o Brazil (Portuguese: Ucraino-brasileiro, Ucraniano-brasileiro; Ukrainian: Українці Бразилії, Ukrayintsi Brazylii) are Brazilian ceetizens born in Ukraine, or Brazilians o Ukrainian strynd who remain connectit, in some degree, tae Ukrainian cultur. In 1994, 400,000 fowk o Ukrainian strynd livit in Brazil, 80% (or approximately 350,000) o whom livit in a compact region approximately 1,930 square mile (5,000 km2) in size (a aurie slichtly lairger than the US state o Rhode Island), in the hilly sooth central pairt o State o Paraná in soothren Brazil.[3] They refer to this region as "Brazilian Ukraine."[4] Smawer nummers o Ukrainians hae settled in São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Pernambuco, an Paraiba.[3] The ceeties wi the lairgest nummer o Ukrainians are Prudentópolis (approximately 38,000 Ukrainians, or 75% o the ceety's population), Curitiba (33,000 Ukrainians), an União da Vitória (approximately 26,400 Ukrainians or 50% o the ceety's population).[5] In 2009 the Ukrainian population in Brazil wis estimatit tae be 500,000 fowk.[6]

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