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(en) Lua module help[eedit soorce]

Heya, there's an issue with the Lua module on this page Ailsae Craig (and others) - wondering if you might be able to help, given your experience on cy.wiki? Wasn't sure if it was to do with the infobox template, but it seems to work fine on some (eg Mainland, Shetland), but not others (eg Noss, Mousa).... any help appreciated! Lirazelf (tauk) 12:21, 20 Januar 2022 (UTC)Reply[Replie]

@CiphriusKane and Lirazelf: beet me to it! Yes, new module imported from enwiki. Great work! Llywelyn2000 (tauk) 12:36, 20 Januar 2022 (UTC)Reply[Replie]
@CiphriusKane: That's solved the error in places in South Ayrshire, however, we can see that there are other locations eg Lua error in the article Noss, the following calls up another module: Module:Location_map at line 522: Unable to find the specified location map definition: "Module:Location map/data/Scotland Shetland" does not exist. It would be good if all counties could be checked and new modules imported, just as you successfully did with the above Ailsae Craig article. Let me know if you need any help doing this. Generally, we need to update these modules and templates now and again (good houskeeping!) as they're often amended on enwiki. Llywelyn2000 (tauk) 12:48, 20 Januar 2022 (UTC)Reply[Replie]
(en) A year or two back, an admin updated the module using the enwiki base as a module but failed to account for these modules. Getting all the modules imported has been something I've been meaning to do for a while and just been doing on a case by case basis. Is there a way to collate a list of all the broken modules automatically?

CiphriusKane (tauk) 13:02, 20 Januar 2022 (UTC)Reply[Replie]

@Llywelyn2000: +1 for this question, would be good to know if there's a way to find all the broken modules... :) Lirazelf (tauk) 14:40, 20 Januar 2022 (UTC)Reply[Replie]
(en) @CiphriusKane and Llywelyn2000: manually checked the local authorities, got these back as not existing:
  • Module:Location map/data/Scotland Orkney
  • Module:Location map/data/Scotland Clackmannanshire
  • Module:Location map/data/Scotland East Ayrshire
  • Module:Location map/data/Scotland nan Eilean Siar (or Eilean Siar?)
  • Module:Location map/data/Scotland Scottish Borders (or Borders?)
  • Module:Location map/data/Scotland Stirling

Lirazelf (tauk) 13:06, 20 Januar 2022 (UTC)Reply[Replie]

(en) Imported all but Eilean Siar as it's already imported as "Outer Hebrides" CiphriusKane (tauk) 13:11, 20 Januar 2022 (UTC)Reply[Replie]
aha, I wondered.... :) Lirazelf (tauk) 14:10, 20 Januar 2022 (UTC)Reply[Replie]