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Just meesin aboot wi all this the noo.

Am no sure how guid ma Scots is gonna be. Mair likely al be keech. Spoke it mair wi folks as a wis growin up, wi ma freends an sum o the elder folks o ma familee an aw that. No so much noo as a need tae deal wi mair folks that disna ken the tongue reely, so ower time a expect it tae be have gotten a bit poor, or poorer! Some o the words tho a dinnae recognise, anyway i'm sure all get a sair heid by the time it's aw ower.

Aboot masel, a grew up in Baurheid and am in Paisley the noo.

All probably try an mak a few pages once a get intae the swing o it aw a bit mair. If am daen anyin that's just wrang or even no aw that guid, just gie us hauners if ye widnae mynd.

Ony wie (is that oniewiz or juist write it like anyways or onywie, am no too suire, a wis daen so well tae) a quite lich whit am seein roun here.