Uganda Fowk's Defence Force

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Uganda Fowk's Defence Force
Uganda People's Defence Force emblem.svg
Uganda Fowk's Defence Force emblem
Service branchesLaund Forces, Air Force, Special Operations Command[1]
HeidquartersKampala, Uganda[2]
PresesYoweri Museveni
Meenister o Defence an Veteran AffairsAdolf Mwesige
Chief o defence forcesGeneral David Muhoozi (since January 2017)
Militar age18 years of age
Active personnel46,800 (2014)[3]
BudgetUSD: 933.6 million (2015)[4]
Percent o GDP1.2% (2015)[5]
Foreign suppliers Roushie
 Unitit States
 Unitit Kinrick
Relatit airticles
HistoryMilitar history o Uganda

The Uganda Fowk's Defence Force (UFDF), previously kent as the Naitional Resistance Airmy, is the airmed forces o Uganda. Frae 2007 tae 2011, the International Institute for Strategic Studies estimatit the UFDF haed a tot strength o 40,000–45,000 an consisted o laund forces an an air wing.[6]

Efter Uganda achieved unthirldom in October 1962, Breetish officers retained maist heich-level militar commands. Ugandans in the rank an file claimed this policy blocked promotions an kept thair salaries disproportionately law. Thir complaints eventually destabilized the armed forces, already weakened bi ethnic divisions. Each post-unthirldom regime expanded the size o the airmy, uisually bi recruiting frae amang fowk o ane region or ethnic group, an each govrenment employed meelitary force tae subdue poleetical unrest.

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