Udo Dirkschneider

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Udo Dirkschneider

Udo Dirkschneider (born 6 Aprile 1952, Wuppertal, Germany) is a German hivy metal sangster who is best kent as the vocalist an foonder o the German hivy metal baunds, Accept an U.D.O.

Efter the demise o Accept in 1987, Dirkschneider formed the baund U.D.O. He haes syne reunitit wi Accept on occasion.

In 1999 HammerFall recordit a version o Helloween's hit sang "I Want Out", wi Dirkschneider an Kai Hansen makin guest appearances. Dirkschneider contributit back-up vocals, while Hansen an Joacim Cans sang lead. Dirkschneider awso appeared as a guest sangster for HammerFall on a version o Accept's "Head Over Heels".

Recently, Dirkschneider made a guest appearance on (Eurovision Sang Contest winners) Lordi's 2006 album, The Arockalypse. Mr Lordi claims baith "Don't Look Back" an "Blitz of Lightning" bi U.D.O. as sangs that changed his life in a Kerrang! magazine airticle. He an aa maks a guest appearance in the muisic video for the sang "Shtil' (Штиль)" bi Roushie hivy metal baund Aria.

Dirkschneider recordit lead vocals wi NWOBHM-baund Raven on thair civer o "Born to Be Wild" on a 1983 single release. The sang an aa appeared as B-side on "Break the Chain" frae thair album All for One. UDO is an aa famous for his duet rock ballad wi Doro Pesch, "Dancing with an Angel". At Wacken 2008 he performed the sang "They Only Come Out at Night" live wi Lordi.

The character Dark Schneider in the Japanese manga an anime series Bastard!! is named efter Dirkschneider.

Udo is weel kent for his unique vyce, short statur, camouflage-clad image an short blond hair. Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach pronooncit him as haein "the maist metal name o aw time."