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2005-11-21 U2 @ MSG by ZG.JPG
U2 performin at Madison Square Garden in November 2005, frae left tae richt: The Edge; Larry Mullen Jr. (drummin); Bono; Adam Clayton
Background information
Forby kent as
  • Feedback (1976-77)
  • The Hype (1977-78)
Oreigin Dublin, Ireland
Genres Rock, alternative rock, post-punk
Years active 1976–present
Labels Island, Interscope, Mercury
Associate acts Passengers
Wabsteid u2.com
Past members See members section

U2 are an Erse rock baund frae Dublin. Formed in 1976, the group conseests o Bono (lead vocals an rhythm guitar), the Edge (lead guitar, keybuirds, an backin vocals), Adam Clayton (bass guitar), an Larry Mullen Jr. (drums an percussion).[1]

Members[eedit | eedit soorce]

Principal members
  • Bono – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica (1976–present)
  • The Edge – lead guitar, keybuirds, backin vocals (1976–present)
  • Adam Clayton – bass guitar (1976–present)
  • Larry Mullen Jr. – drums, percussion (1976–present)
Early members
  • Dik Evans – guitar (1976–1978)
  • Ivan McCormick – guitar (1976)
  • Peter Martin – guitar (1976)

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