Unitit States Census Bureau

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(Reguidit frae U.S. Census Bureau)
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Bureau o the Census
Seal of the United States Census Bureau.svg
This is the current logo for the U.S.Census Bureau as o 2014
Agency owerview
Formed Julie 1, 1902
Precedin agency
  • Temporary census offices
Heidquarters Suitland, Maryland
Employees 5,593 (2006)
Annual budget US$3.1 billion (2009)
US$7.2 billion (est. 2010)
US$1.3 billion (est. 2011)
Agency executive
Paurent agency Economics an Stateestics Admeenistration
Website www.census.gov

The Unitit States Census Bureau (USCB; offeecially the Bureau o the Census, as defined in Teetle 13 U.S.C. § 11) is a principal agency o the U.S. Federal Stateestical Seestem responsible for producin data aboot the American fowk an economy.