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Türkmenler / Түркменлер
Tot population
(aboot 9 million)
Regions wi signeeficant populations
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan4,248,000[1]
Iran Iran1,328,585[2]
Afghanistan Afghanistan200,000[3]
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan152,000[4]
Pakistan Pakistan110,000[5]
Roushie Roushie46,885[6]
Tajikistan Tajikistan15,171[7]
Ukraine Ukraine7,709[8]
Predominately Sunni Islam
Relatit ethnic groups
Salar, Yörük, an ither Turkic fowks

The Turkmens or Turkomans (Turkmen: Türkmen/Түркмен, plural Türkmenler/Түркменлер) are a Turkic fowk locatit primarily in Central Asie, in the state o Turkmenistan, as well as in Iran, Afghanistan, North Caucasus (Stavropol Krai), an northren Pakistan.

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