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Kintras wi Turkish speakers. See summary o the colours in the cairt.

Turkis is a leid that is spak in Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgarie, Greece, an ither kintras that wis pairt o the umwhile Ottoman Empire. Mony fowk haes quat thae pairts in recent years for tae bide ithergates. Forby thon thare's several million speakers o Turkis in ither pairts o Europe an a puckle in Australie an North Americae.

Turkis is a member o the Altaic faimily o leids. It is ane o the few human leids wi a featur cried vouel hermony that guides whaur the vouel soonds will be athin a wird. Vouels that's unalike canna be ower naur thegither. Ither lieds that haes thon is Mongolian an Manchu that's baith Altaic leids forby.

Turkis wirds for ordinar maks a phrase in sic a wey: Subject Object Verb (SOV). Gin a body wis tae mak an SOV Scots phrase, it wad gang siclike: "The dug the hen ett."

Turkis uised tae be scrieved wi the Arabic alphabet frae aboot 900 AD tae 1928. In the Ottoman Empire, Turkis leid haed a fouthie leeteratur, an mony beuks war scrieved in it. Houaniver, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk chynged it tae the Latin alphabet acause he wantit his kintra tae be integrated wi waster kintras tae tak advantage o technological betterments o thaim. European kintras war developit gey fest efter the Renaissance an thay left the Ottoman Empire ahint. As a eftercome, maist Turks nou canna screed aff text scrieve afore the chynge. (Türkçe)

This leid is maist nearly relatit tae ither Turkic leids, includin Uzbek, Turkmen, an Kazakh. Thare is anither theory that Turkis is pairt o a muckler Altaic leid faimily, whit includes Japanese, Mongolie, an Korean an aw.