Turkis Airmed Forces

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Turkish Armed Forces
Turkis Airmed Forces
Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri
Flag of Turkey.svg
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Flag of Turkey (top) and Emblem of the Turkish Armed Forces (bottom)
Banner o Turkey (tap) an Emblem o the Turkis Airmed Forces
(Turkish Airmed Forces portal)
Service branches
Heidquarters Bakanlıklar, Çankaya, Ankara
Commander-in-Chief President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Meenister of Naitional Defence Meenister Hulusi Akar
Chief of the General Staff General Yaşar Güler
Militar age21
Conscription6 or 12 months depending on education level
Available for
militar service
21,079,077 males, age 16–49[4] (2010 est.),
20,558,696 females, age 16–49[4] (2010 est.)
Fit for
militar service
17,664,510 males, age 16–49[4] (2010 est.),
17,340,816 females, age 16–49[4] (2010 est.)
Reachin militar
age annually
700,079 males (2010 est.),
670,328 females (2010 est.)
Active personnelTotal 639,551, incl:[2](ranked 8th)
  • 51,863 ceevilian staff
  • 170,295 Gendarmerie
  • 4,702 Coast Guard
  • 412,691 meelitary[nb 4]
Reserve personnel378,700[3]
Budget$18.2 billion (ranked 15th)[5]
Percent o GDP2.2%
Domestic suppliersLeet o Major Domestic Suppliers:

Foreign suppliersLeet o Major Foreign Suppliers:

Annual imports$1,540 million (2014)[6]
Annual exports$1,647 million (2014)[7]
Relatit airticles
RanksMeelitary ranks of Turkey

The Turkis Airmed Forces (TAF; Turkis: Türk Silahli Kuvvetleri, TSK, Inglis: Turkish Armed Forces, TAF) are the Militar Forces o the Republic o Turkey. Thay conseest o the Airmy, the Navy an the Air Force. The Gendarmerie an the Coast Guard, baith o which haeve law enforcement and militar functions, operate aes components o the internal security forces in peacetime, an are subordinate tae the Meenistry o Interior. In wartime, thay are subordinate tae the Airmy an Navy. The Preses o Turkey is the militar's oweraw heid.

The current Chief of the General staff is General Hulusi Akar. The Chief o the General Staff is the Commander of the Airmed Forces. In wartime, he acts aes the Commander in Chief on behauf of the President of Turkey, who represents the Supreme Meelitary Command of the TAF on behauf of the Grand Naitional Assembly of Turkey.[8] Commanding the Airmed Forces and establishing the policies and programs relatit wi the preparation for combat of personnel, intelligence, operations, organisation, training and logeestic services are the responsibilities of the General Staff. Furthermore, the General Staff coordinates the meelitary relations of the TAF wi NATO member states and ither friendly naitions.

The modren history of the airmy bygone wi its formation efter the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish meelitary perceivit itself aes the guardian of Kemalist ideology, the offercial state ideology, especially of the secular aspects of Kemalism. Efter acomin ae member of NATO on 18 Februar 1952, Turkey initiatit ae comprehensive modernization program for its airmed forces. The Turkish Airmy sent troops tae fecht in Korea, whaur thay played pivotal roles at some pynts. Towards the end of the 1980s, ae seicont restructuiring process wis initiatit. The Turkish Airmed Forces pairticipate in European Union battlegroups unner the control of the European Council, namely the Italian-Romanian-Turkish Battlegroup. The TAF awso contreibutes operational staff tae the Eurocorps multinaitional airmy corps initiative of the EU and NATO.

The Turkish Airmed Forces collectively rank aes the seicont lairgest staunding meelitary force in NATO, efter the U.S. Airmed Forces, wi an estimatit strength in 2015 of 639,551 meelitary, ceevilian and parameelitary personnel.[2] Turkey is ane of five NATO member states which are pairt of the nuclear sharing policy of the alliance, thegither wi Belgium, Germany, Italy, an the Netherlands.[9] A tot of 90 B61 nuclear bombs are hosted at the Incirlik Air Base, 40 of which are allocatit for uise bi the Turkish Air Force in case of ae nuclear conflict, but thair uise requires the appruival of NATO.[10]

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  1. As the Airmy of the Grand Naitional Assembly.[1]
  2. Unner the Meenistry of the Interior during peacetime.
  3. Unner the Meenistry of the Interior during peacetime.
  4. Turkish Laund Forces, Turkish Air Force and Turkish Naval Forces.

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