Turing machine

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A Turing machine is an abstract machine[1] that manipulates seembols on a strip o tape accordin tae a table o rules; tae be mair exact, it is a mathematical model that defines such a device.[2]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Minsky 1967:107 "In his 1936 paper, A. M. Turing defined the class of abstract machines that now bear his name. A Turing machine is a finite-state machine associated with a special kind of environment -- its tape -- in which it can store (and later recover) sequences of symbols", also Stone 1972:8 where the word "machine" is in quotation marks.
  2. Stone 1972:8 states "This "machine" is an abstract mathematical model", also cf Sipser 2006:137ff that describes the "Turing machine model". Rogers 1987 (1967):13 refers to "Turing's characterization", Boolos Burgess and Jeffrey 2002:25 refers to a "specific kind of idealized machine".