Tunisie at the 2012 Simmer Olympics

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Tunisie at the
2012 Simmer Olympics
Flag of Tunisia.svg
NOCTunisie Olympic Committee
Wabsteidwww.cnot.org.tn (in French)
in Lunnon
Competitors83 in 17 sports
Banner beirerHeykel Megannem[1] (opening)
Oussama Mellouli (closing)
Ranked 35t
Gold Silver Bronze Total
2 0 1 3
Simmer Olympics appearances

Tunisie competit at the 2012 Simmer Olympics in Lunnon, frae 27 Julie tae 12 August 2012. This wis the naition's thirteent appearance at the Olympics, except the 1980 Simmer Olympics in Moscow acause o its partial support tae the Unitit States boycott.

The Tunisian Naitional Olympic Committee (French: Comité National Olympique Tunisien, CNOT) sent the naition's lairgest delegation tae the Gemmes, surpassin the record bi awmaist twa thirds o the athletes short in Beijing. A tot o 83 athletes, 63 men an 20 weemen, competit in 17 sports. Men's basketbaw, men's handbaw, an men's indoor volleybaw wur the anly team-based sports in which Tunisie haed its representation in thir Olympic gemmes. Thare wis anly a single competitor in airtistic gymnastics, sailin, shuitin, an taekwondo.

Notable Tunisie athletes featurt freestyle soummer an defendin champion Oussama Mellouli, who competit at his fowerth Olympics, tennis player an umwhile Youth Olympic gemmes participant Ons Jabeur, an fencin sisters Azza an Sarra Besbes. Heykel Megannem, captain o Tunisie's handbaw team, made his Olympic comeback in Lunnon efter a twal-year absence tae compete in his sport, an later acame the naition's banner bearer at the openin ceremony.

Tunisie left Lunnon wi a full set o medals, which wur aw awairdit tae the team anly in athletics an soumming. This wis the naition's maist successfu Olympics, winnin the lairgest nummer o medals in history, sendin its lairgest delegation ever tae the gemmes bi the presence o team-based athletes, an settin its Olympic history for twa legendary athletes. Middle-distance runner Habiba Ghribi acame the first Tunisie female athlete tae win an Olympic medal in the weemen's steeplechase. Meanwhile, Oussama Mellouli acame the first Olympic soummin champion at baith pool an open watter, an the maist successfu Tunisie athlete in Olympic history wi twa gowd medals.[2]

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