Tungusic leids

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Siberie, Manchurie
Lingueestic clessificationpossibly Altaic (controversial)
  • Tungusic
  • Northren
  • Soothren
ISO 639-5tuw
Geographic distribution

The Tungusic leids /tʊŋˈɡsk/ (an aa kent as Manchu-Tungus, Tungus) form a leid faimily spoken in Eastren Siberie an Manchurie bi Tungusic fowks. Mony Tungusic leids are endangered, an the lang-term futur o the faimily is uncertain. Tradeetionally, linguists considered Tungusic tae be pairt o the Altaic leid faimily alang wi the Turkic an Mongolic leid faimilies; mair recent proposals are that it belangs tae Macro-Altaic, the latter includin Japanese an Korean as well, or, on the ither hand, that Altaic is nae a genetic group, but a Sprachbund.