Tuareg fowk

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Kel Tamasheq
ⴾⵍ ⵜⵎⵛⵈ
Tot population
c. 2.5 million[1]
Regions wi signeeficant populations
Tuareg leids (Tamasheq, Tamajeq, Tafaghist, Tamahaq, Tawellemmet)
Relatit ethnic groups
Ither Berbers

The Tuareg fowk (an aa spelled Twareg or Touareg; endonym Kel Tamasheq, Kel Tagelmust[5]) are a lairge Berber ethnic confederation. Thay principally inhaibit the Sahara desert, in a vast aurie stretchin frae far soothwastren Libie tae soothren Algeria, Niger, Mali an Burkina Faso.[5] Tradeetionally nomadic pastoralists, smaw groups o Tuareg are an aa foond in northren Nigerie.[6]

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