Tsentralny Destrict, Saunt Petersburg

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For ither places wi the same name, see Tsentralny Destrict.
Tsentralny Destrict on the aulder map o St. Petersburg

Tsentralny Destrict (Roushie: Центра́льный райо́н) is a destrict o the federal ceety o St. Petersburg, Roushie. It borders the Neva River in the north an in the east, Obvodny Canal in the sooth, an auries aroond the Gorokhovaya Street in the wast. Destrict's population: 214,625 (2010 Census);[1] 236,856 (2002 Census).[2]

Tsentralny Destrict comprises the follaein municipal okrugs:

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Rossiya, an airline, haes its heid office in Vladimirsky Municipal Okrug in the destrict.[3]

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