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Trujillo, Peru

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Trujillo, in northwastren Peru, is the caipital o the La Libertad Region, an the third lairgest ceety in Peru. The urban aurie haes 811,979 indwallers an is an economic hub in northren Peru.[1] The ceety is locatit at the banks o the Moche River, near its mooth at the Paceefic Ocean, in a valley o great cultural hegemony.

While it mey be conceived as a single ceety, Trujillo is no a single admeenistrative unit; rather, it is the core or centre o a major metropolitan aurie that covers an aurie o 110,000 ha,[2] an consists o 9 municipalities in the province, o which 5 are completely metropolitan auries, while the remainin 4 are partially. The metropolitan aurie haes a population o mair nor 804,000 indwallers, the third maist populous o Peru.

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Coordinates: 8°06′43″S 79°01′44″W / 8.1119°S 79.0289°W / -8.1119; -79.0289