Tropical Depression Ten (2005)

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Tropical Depression Ten
Tropical Depression (SSHWS/NWS)
Satellite image o elliptical clood pattern wi no clear center
Tropical Depression Ten
FormedAugust 13, 2005
DissipatitAugust 14, 2005
Heichest winds1-meenit susteened: 35 mph (55 km/h)
Lawest pressur1008 mbar (hPa); 29.77 inHg
FatalitiesNone reportit
Areas affectedNone
Pairt o the 2005 Atlantic hurricane saison

Tropical Depression Ten wis the tent tropical cyclone o the record-breakin 2005 Atlantic hurricane saison. It formed on August 13 frae a tropical wave that emerged frae the wast coast o Africae on August 8. As a result o strang wind shear, the depression remained waik an did nae strengthen beyond tropical depression status. The cyclone degeneratit on August 14, altho its remnants pairtially contributit tae the formation o Tropical Depression Twal, which eventually intensified intae Hurricane Katrina.[1] The cyclone haed no effect on land, an did nae directly result in ony fatalities or damage.

Meteorological history[eedit | eedit soorce]

Track map o tropical depression
Map plottin the track an intensity o the storm, accordin tae the Saffir–Simpson scale

On August 8, a tropical wave emerged frae the wast coast o Africae an entered the Atlantic Ocean. Trackin taewards the wast, the depression began tae exhibit signs o convective organisation on August 11. The seestem continued tae develop, an it is estimatit that Tropical Depression Ten formed at 1200 UTC on August 13. At the time, it wis locatit aboot 1,600 miles (2,600 km) east o Barbados.[2] Upon its designation, the depression consistit o a lairge aurie o thunderstorm activity, wi curved bandin featurs an expandin ootflow. Houiver, the environmental condeetions wur predictit tae quickly acome unfavorable.[3] The depression moved erratically an slowly taewards the wast, an wind shear inhibitit ony significant intensification. Late on August 13, it wis "beginnin tae leuk lik Irene-junior as it unnergangs soothwasterly mid-level shear beneath the itherwise favorable upper-level ootflow pattern".[4] The wind shear wis expectit tae relent within 48 oors, promptin some forecast models tae suggest the depression wad eventually attain hurricane status.[4]

Bi early August 14, the shear haed substantially disruptit the storm, leavin the law-level center o circulation exposed frae the aurie o convection, which wis an aa deterioratin. Efter meanderin, the storm began tae muive wastward. Forecasters expectit it tae resume a northwastward track as heich pressure tae the sooth o Bermuda wis forecasted tae waiken an anither heich wis predictit tae form soothwast o the Azores.[5] Bi 1800 UTC on August 14, the strang shear haed faur waikened the storm, an it no langer met the criterie for a tropical cyclone. It degeneratit intae a remnant law, an the National Hurricane Center issued thair feenal advisory on the cyclone. Movin westward, it occasionally produced bursts o convective activity, afore dissipatin on August 18.[2]

Tropical Depression Twal formed ower the sootheastren Bahamas at 2100 UTC on August 23, pairtially frae the remains o Tropical Depression Ten.[6][7] While the normal staundarts for nummerin tropical depressions in the Atlantic stipulate that the initial designation be retained when a depression regenerates, satellite imagery indicatit that a seicont tropical wave haed combined wi Tropical Depression Ten north o Puerto Rico tae form a new, mair complex wather seestem, which wis then designatit as Tropical Depression Twal.[8] In a re-analysis, it wis foond that the law-level circulation o Tropical Depression Ten haed completely detached an dissipatit; anly the remnant mid-level circulation moved on an merged wi the seicont tropical wave. As a result, the criteria for keepin the same name an identity wur nae met. Tropical Depression Twal later acame Hurricane Katrina.[9]

Satellite image o elliptical clood pattern wi no clear center
Tropical Depression Ten on August 13

Impact[eedit | eedit soorce]

Acause Tropical Depression Ten never approached land as a tropical cyclone, no tropical cyclone watches an wairnins wur issued for ony land masses. No effects, damages, or fatalities wur reportit, an no ships reportit tropical storm-force winds in association wi the depression. The seestem did nae attain tropical storm status; as sic, it wis nae gien a name bi the National Hurricane Center.[2] The storm pairtially contributit tae the formation o Hurricane Katrina, which acame a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale an made landfaw in Louisiana, causin catastrophic damage. Katrina wis the costliest hurricane, an ane o the five deadliest, in the history o the Unitit States.[9]

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