Tropic o Cancer

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Warld cairt shawing the Tropic o Cancer

The Tropic o Cancer, an aa referred tae as the Northren tropic, is the circle o latitude on the Yird that marks the maist northerly poseetion at which the Sun mey appear directly owerheid at its zenith. This event occurs ance per year, at the time o the Juin solstice, when the Northren Hemisphere is tiltit taeward the Sun tae its maximum extent. As o 2013, it lies at 23° 26′ 15.143″ (23°26′11.8″) north o the Equator.[1]

Its Soothren Hemisphere coonterpairt, markin the maist sootherly poseetion at which the Sun mey appear directly owerheid, is the Tropic o Capricorn. These tropics are twa o the five major degree measures or major circles o latitude that mark cairts o the Yird, besides the Arctic an Antarctic Circles an the Equator. The poseetions o these circles o latitude (ither nor the Equator) are dictatit bi the tilt o the Yird's axis o rotation relative tae the plane o its orbit.

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