Tromelin Island

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Coordinates: 15°53′32″S 54°31′29″E / 15.89222°S 54.52472°E / -15.89222; 54.52472

Tromelin Island
Île Tromelin
Banner o Tromelin Island
Location o the Scattered islands in the Indian Ocean. 1. Bassas da India 2. Europa Island 3. Glorioso Islands 4. Juan de Nova Island 5. Tromelin Island KM=Comoros MG=Madagascar MU=Mauritius MZ=Mozambique RE=Réunion YT=Mayotte
Offeecial leids French
French owerseas territory
• Discovery by Jean Marie Briand de la Feuillée
• French claim tae sovereignty
29 November 1776
Currency Euro (EUR)
ISO 3166 code TF
Internet TLD .tf

Tromelin Island (French: Île Tromelin, pronounced [il tʁɔmlɛ̃]) is a law, flat, uninhabitit island in the Indian Ocean, aboot 450 kilometres (280 mi) east o Madagascar.