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Introduced in 2000, the TT 600 is a middleweight sport bike biggit bi Triumph.

History an development[eedit | eedit soorce]

Shortly efter Triumph returned tae the American mercat, the designers set thair sichts on enterin the hichtlie contested 600cc mercat[1]. The Triumph TT600 wis designed in 1996, an produced atween the year 2000 an 2003. It wis Triumph Motorcycles' first in-line fower-cylinder 600 cc sportbike, designed tae compete in the warld's maist competitive motorcycle class, the fuel-injectit middleweight category, containin sic ither popular sportbikes as the Honda CBR, Yamaha R6, Suzuki GSX-R600, an Kawasaki ZX-6R.

Reception[eedit | eedit soorce]

Wi a lichtweight frame an chassis (dry wecht o ae 170 kg), adjustable Kayaba shocks, the TT600's handlin an brakin wur hichtlie praised athort the industry for bein well-balanced an agile. The standard adjustable suspension tunin, combined wi a plush seat, upricht poseetion, an hie-mountit handlebars gae the TT600 remarkable feel an a hie degree o comfort seemilar tae its competitors.

Unfortunately, the TT600 wis marred bi twa major issues. Bein the first fuel-injectit 600cc sportbike, the initial 2000 model haed choppy throttle response an bad fuel mappin, leadin tae hersh on/aff throttle transitions. Thir issues wur fixt wi the 2001 model, but some vehicles endit up losin 2-3 horsepouer in the upper portion o the pouerbaund[2]. Thir problems wur remedied wi ECU remappin on the 2001 version, but the introduction o the 2002 model addit back that sma amoont o horsepouer wi still mair ECU reprogrammin, ensurin that the TT600 wis nou up tae the task o producin eneuch horsepouer tae adequately compete wi its competeetion. Tho the bike proved competent, its MSRP o $8999 (amaist $200 hichter than the next closest competitor, an hichter than aw o the ither Japanese sportbikes) promptit Triumph tae redesign thair middleweight sportbike. The TT600's successor wis the 2003 Triumph Daytona.

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