Triceps brachii muscle

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Triceps Brachii
Triceps brachii.png
Triceps brachii seen frae ahint.
Triceps brachii muscle06.png
Triceps brachii seen frae ahint. Three different colours represent three different bundles that compone triceps.
  Lang heid.
  Lateral heid.
  Medial heid.
Origin Lang heid: infraglenoid tubercle o scapula
Lateral heid: abuin the radial sulcus
Medial head: ablo the radial sulcus
Insertion Olecranon process o ulna
Artery Deep brachial artery
Nerve Radial nerve an Axillary nerve
Actions Extends forearm, lang heid extends, adducts arm, Extends shouder
Antagonist Biceps brachii muscle
Laitin Musculus triceps brachii
TA A04.6.02.019
FMA 37688
Anatomical terms o muscle

The triceps brachii muscle (Laitin for "three-heided muscle o the airm") is a lairge muscle on the back o the upper limm o mony vertebrates.