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Tri swim bike run.jpg
The three teepical components o triathlon: soummin, cyclin, an runnin.
Heichest govrenin bodyInternaitional Triathlon Union
First played1920s
Mixed genderYes, separate competitions
CategorizationEndurance sport
OlympicYes, syne 2000
ParalympicYes, Paratriathlon syne 2016
Kintra or regionWarldwide

A triathlon is a multiple-stage competeetion involvin the completion o three conteenous an sequential endurance disciplines.[1] While mony variations o the sport exeest, triathlon, in its maist popular form, involves soummin, cyclin, an rinnin in immediate succession ower various distances. Triathletes compete for fastest oweraw coorse completion time, includin timed "transitions" atween the indiveedual soum, cycle, an run components.[1] The wird "triathlon" is o Greek origin frae τρεῖς or treis ("three") an ἆθλος or athlos ("sport").[2]

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