Treaty on the Nan-Proliferation o Nuclear Wappens

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Nuclear Nan-Proliferation Treaty
Treaty on the Nan-Proliferation o Nuclear Wappens
Pairteecipation in the Nuclear Nan-Proliferation Treaty

Signed 1 Julie 1968
Location Moscow, Roushie; Lunnon, UK; Washington DC, Unitit States
Effective 5 Mairch 1970
Condeetion Raitifeecation bi the Soviet Union, the Unitit Kinrick, the Unitit States, an 40 ither seegnatory states.
Pairties 190 (complete leet)[1]
nan-pairties: Indie, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan an Sooth Sudan
Depositary Govrenments o the Unitit States o America, the Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Northren Ireland, an the Union o Soviet Socialist Republics
Leids Inglis, Roushie, French, Spaingie an Cheenese
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The Treaty on the Nan-Proliferation o Nuclear Wappens, commonly kent as the Nan-Proliferation Treaty or NPT, is an internaitional treaty that's objective is tae prevent the spreid o nuclear wappens an wappens technology, tae promote cooperation in the peacefu uises o nuclear energy, an tae faur the goal o achievin nuclear disairmament an general an complete disairmament.[2]

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