Treaty o Tordesillas

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Treaty o Tordesillas
Treaty of Tordesillas.jpg
Front page o the Portuguese-awned treaty
Creatit7 Juin 1494 in Tordesillas, Spain
Ratified2 Julie 1494 in Spain
5 September 1494 in Portugal
LocationArchivo General de Indias (Spain)
Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo (Portugal)
Author(s)Pape Alexander VI (ratifee'd bi Pape Julius II in 1506)[1]
SignatoriesFerdinand II o Aragon
Isabella I o Castile
John, Prince o Asturias
John II o Portugal[2]
PurposeTae divide treddin an colonisin richts for aw newly diskivert launds o the warld locatit atween Portugal an Castile (later applee'd atween the Spaingie Croun an Portugal) tae the exclusion o ither European nations

The Treaty o Tordesillas (Portuguese: Tratado de Tordesilhas [tɾɐˈtaðu ðɨ tuɾðeˈziʎɐʃ];[note 1] Spaingie: Tratado de Tordesillas [tɾaˈtaðo ðe toɾðeˈsiʎas]), signed at Tordesillas in Spain on 7 Juin 1494, an authenticatit at Setúbal, Portugal, dividit the newly diskivert launds ootside Europe atween the Portuguese Empire an the Spaingie Empire (Crown of Castile), alang a meridian 370 leagues[note 2] wast o the Cape Verde islands, aff the wast coast o Africae.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. In the European Portuguese pronunciation. Brazilians micht variously pronoonce it as [tɾɐˈtadʊ dʑɪ toɾdeˈziʎəs] in São Paulo, [tɾəˈtadu dʑi to̞ʀde̞ˈziʎəɕ] in Rio de Janeiro an [tɾaˈtadu dʑi tɔʁdɛˈziʎəs] in Salvador an [tɾɐˈtadu di tɔɦde̞ˈziʎəs] in Recife.
  2. 370 leagues equals 2,193 kilometres, 1,362 statute miles, or 1,184 nautical miles.
    Thir feegurs uise the legua náutica (nautical league) o fower Roman miles totalin 5.926 km, that wis uised bi Spain in the 15t, 16t, an 17t centuries for navigation.[3] In 1897 Henry Harrise notit that Jaime Ferrer, the expert consultit bi Keeng Ferdinand an Queen Isabella, statit that a league wis fower miles o sax stades ilk.[4] Modren scholarts gree that the geografic stade wis the Roman or Italian stade, nae ony o several ither Greek stades, supportin thir feegurs.[5][6] Harrise is in the minority whan he uises the stade o 192.27 m merkit within the stadium at Olympia, Greece, resultin in a league (32 stades) o 6.153 km, 3.8% lairger.

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