Treaty o Lausanne

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Treaty o Lausanne
Treaty of Peace with Turkey Signed at Lausanne
Accord relatif à la restitution réciproque des internés civils et à l'échange des prisonniers de guerre, signé à Lausanne
Borders o Turkey set bi the Treaty o Lausanne
Signed 24 July 1923
Location Lausanne, Swisserland
Effective 6 August 1924
Condeetion Follaein ratification bi Turkey an ony three o the Breetish Empire, Fraunce, Italy an Japan, the treaty would come intae force for those "heich contractin pairties" an thareefter for each addeetional signatory upon deposit o ratification
  •  British Empire
  • Fraunce France
  • Italy Italy
  •  Japan
  • Greece Greece
  • Romanie Romanie
  • Kinrick o Yugoslavie Serb-Croat-Slovene State

  • Depositary French Republic
    Leid French
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    The Treaty o Lausanne wis a peace treaty signed in Lausanne, Swisserland on 24 Julie 1923. It offeecially endit the state o war that haed existit atween Turkey an the Allied Breetish Empire, French Republic, Kinrick o Italy, Empire o Japan, Kinrick o Greece, Kinrick o Romanie, an Serb-Croat-Slovene State syne the onset o Warld War I.[1] It wis the result o a seicont attempt at peace efter the failed Treaty o Sèvres, which wis signed bu aw previous pairties but later rejectit bi the Turkis naitional movement who foucht against the previous terms an signeeficant loss o Anatolie territory. The Treaty o Lausanne endit the conflict an defined the borders o the modren Turkis state except for its mairch wi Iraq. In the treaty, Turkey gae up aw claims tae the remainder o the Ottoman Empire an in return the Allies recognised Turkis sovereignty within its new borders.[1]

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