Treaty o Brest-Litovsk

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Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
The first twa pages o the Treaty o Brest-Litovsk,
in (frae left tae richt) German, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Ottoman Turkis an Roushie.
Signed 3 Mairch 1918 (during The First Warld War)
Location Brest-Litovsk, Grodno Govrenorate
(Ukraine unner German occupation)[1]
Condeetion Ratification
Signatories  Germany
 Ottoman Empire
Leids Bulgarian · German · Hungarian
Roushie · Ottoman Turkis

The Treaty o Brest-Litovsk wis a peace treaty signed on 3 Mairch 1918 atween the new Bolshevik govrenment o Soviet Roushie an the Central Powers (Germany, Austrick-Hungary, Bulgarie, an Ottoman Empire), that endit Roushie's pairticipation in Warld War I.

In the treaty, Bolshevik Roushie cedit the Baltic States tae Germany, an its province o Kars Oblast in the sooth Caucasus tae the Ottoman Empire. It an aa recognised the unthirldom o Ukraine. Roushie an aa agreed tae pey sax billion German gowd mark in reparations. Historian Spencer Tucker says, "The German General Staff haed formulated extraordinarily harsh terms that shocked even the German negotiator."[2]

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