Trawsfynydd nuclear pouer station

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Trawsfynydd nuclear power station
Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Plant.jpg
Trawsfynydd nuclear pouer station is locatit in Wales
Trawsfynydd nuclear pouer station
Location of Trawsfynydd nuclear power station
KintraWales, United Kingdom
LocationTrawsfynydd, Gwynedd
Coordinates52°55′29.51″N 3°56′54.38″W / 52.9248639°N 3.9484389°W / 52.9248639; -3.9484389Coordinates: 52°55′29.51″N 3°56′54.38″W / 52.9248639°N 3.9484389°W / 52.9248639; -3.9484389
Construction began1959
Commission date1965
Decommission date1991
Construction cost£103 million
Ainer(s)Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
Operator(s)Magnox Ltd
Pouer generation
Units decommissioned2 x 235 MW

Trawsfynydd nuclear pouer station is a former Magnox nuclear pouer station situated in Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd, Wales. The plant, which became operational in 1965, was the only nuclear pouer station in the UK that was not built on the coast. Cuiling watter was taken from the man-made reservoir, Llyn Trawsfynydd. It was closed in 1991 an wirk tae completely decommission the site is expected tae take almost 100 years.