Transantarctic Moontains

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Transantarctic Moontains
Transantarctic mountain hg.jpg
The Transantarctic Moontains in northren Victoria Laund near Cape Roberts
Heichest pynt
Peak Moont Kirkpatrick
Elevation 4,528 m (14,856 ft)
Coordinates 84°20′S 166°25′E / 84.333°S 166.417°E / -84.333; 166.417
Lenth 3,500 km (2,200 mi)
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Continent Antarcticae
Range coordinates 85°S 175°W / 85°S 175°W / -85; -175Coordinates: 85°S 175°W / 85°S 175°W / -85; -175
Age o rock Cenozoic

The Transantarctic Moontains (abbreviatit TAM) comprise a moontain range in Antarcticae which extend, wi some interruptions, athort the continent frae Cape Adare in northren Victoria Laund tae Coats Laund.