TransAsia Airways Flicht 222

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TransAsia Airways Flicht 222
The aircraft involved, an ATR 72, B-22810 picturt in-flicht in 2012
The aircraft involved, B-22810 picturt in 2012
Date23 July 2014
SummaryFailed gang-aroond during severe storm
SteidNear Xixi veelage, Huxi, Penghu, Taiwan
Aircraft typeATR 72-500
OperatorTransAsia Airways
Flicht oreeginKaohsiung Internaitional Airport
DestinationMagong Airport

TransAsia Airways Flight 222 (GE222)[2] wis a scheduled domestic passenger flicht that crashed while attemptin tae gang-aroond efter an unsuccessfu landin in Magong, Penghu Island, Taiwan, on 23 Julie 2014. Flicht 222 wis travellin frae Kaohsiung Internaitional Airport tae Magong Airport wi 54 passengers an 4 crew members on buird. Transportation Meenister Yeh Kuang-shih annoonced the daith toll as 47 an addit that 11 fowk haed survived the crash,[3][4] revised frae earlier reports o 51 fatalities. Typhoon Matmo haed passed throu Taiwan earlier that day, causin strang winds an torrential rain.[5]

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Coordinates: 23°35′N 119°38′E / 23.58°N 119.64°E / 23.58; 119.64