Tour de Romandie

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Tour de Romandie
Race details
RegionRomandy, Swisserland
English nameTour of Romandy
Local name(s)Tour de Romandie (in French)
CompetitionUCI Warld Tour
First edeetion1947 (1947)
Edeetions71 (as o 2017)
First winner Désiré Keteleer (BEL)
Maist wins Stephen Roche (IRL) (3 wins)
Maist recent Richie Porte (AUS)

The Tour de Romandie is a stage race which is pairt o the UCI Warld Tour. It runs in the Romandie region, in the French-speakin pairt o Swisserland. It began in 1947, tae coincide wi the 50-year anniversary o Swiss Cyclin.

The race tradeetionally stairts wi an individual time trial prologue in Geneva an ends wi anither individual time-trial in the hilly terrains in Lausanne. The final time-trial tradeetionally stairts in the stadium north o Lausanne, gangs dounhill soothwards tae Lac Léman (Loch Geneva), an maks its way back uphill tae the stadium again. Nae surprisingly, the winner an several o the tap-ten finishers are usually excellent time trialists.

The course o the race uisually heids northwards taewards the Jura muntains an Alpine muntain ranges o westren Swisserland.

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