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Einarr Rognvaldarson
Yerl o Orkney
Teetle heldc. 895[1] tae 910[2][3][4] or later[5]
PredecessorHallad Rognvaldarson
SuccessorArnkel, Erlend an Thorfinn Torf-Einarsson
Native nameTorf-Einarr or Turf-Einarr
Dee'dc. 910[2] or 930s[5]
Noble faimilyNorse Yerls o Orkney
Thordis, Arnkel, Erlend an Thorfinn
FaitherRognvald Eysteinsson
MitherUnkent sclave

Einarr Rognvaldarson eften referred tae bi his byname Torf-Einarr (whiles Turf-Einarr), (fl. early 890s–c. 910) wis ane o the Norse Yerls o Orkney.

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