Topkapı Pailace

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Topkapı Pailace
Topkapı Sarayı
طوپقاپو سرايى
Topkapi Palace Seen From Harem.JPG
Topkapı Pailace from the Bosphorus
Topkapı Pailace is locatit in Istanbul
Topkapı Pailace
Location in Istanbul
General information
Teep Palace (1453–1853), accommodation for ranked officers (1853–1924), museum (1924–present)
Airchitectural style Ottoman, Baroque
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Coordinates 41°0′46.8″N 28°59′2.4″E / 41.013000°N 28.984000°E / 41.013000; 28.984000
Construction stairtit mid-15t century
Client Ottoman sultans
Ainer Turkis state
Technical details
Structural seestem various law biggins surroondin coortyairds, pavilions an gairdens
Size 592,600 tae 700,000 m2 (6,379,000 tae 7,535,000 sq ft)
Design an construction
Airchitect Mehmed II, Alaüddin, Davud Ağa, Mimar Sinan, Sarkis Balyan[1]

The Topkapı Pailace (Turkis: Topkapı Sarayı[2] or in Ottoman: طوپقاپو سرايى) is a lairge pailace in Istanbul, Turkey, that wis the primar residence o the Ottoman sultans for approximately 400 years (1465–1856) o thair 624-year ring.[3]

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