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The human tongue
Mouth illustration-Otis Archives.jpg
Medical illustration o a human mooth bi Duncan Kenneth Winter.
Precursor pharyngeal airches, lateral lingual swellin, tuberculum impar[1]
Artery lingual, tonsillar branch, ascendin pharyngeal
Vein lingual
Nerve Sensory: Anterior 2/3: lingual nerve & chorda tympani Posterior 1/3: Glossopharyngeal nerve (IX) Motor Innervation: - CN XII (Hypoglossal) except palatoglossus muscle CN X (Vagus)
Lymph Deep Cervical, Submandibular, Submental
Laitin lingua
MeSH A03.556.500.885
TA A05.1.04.001
FMA 54640
Anatomical terminology

The tongue is a muscular hydrostat on the fluir o the mooth o maist vertebrates that manipulates fuid for mastication. It is the primary organ o taste (gustation), as much o its upper surface is covered in taste buds.

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