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Geek Faëries 2016 - TomSka (cropped).jpg
TomSka in the Geek Faëries in Fraunce in 2016
Personal information
Born Thomas James Ridgewell
(1990-06-27) 27 Juin 1990 (age 29)
Essex, Ingland
Naitionality Breetish
Thrift Video blogger, filmmakker, director, producer, writer, actor
YouTube information
Channel TomSka
Years active 2006–present
Genre Comedy, action
Subscribers 5.27 million
Tot views 1.2 billion
Associatit acts Eddsworld
Subscriber an view coonts updatit as o 14 August 2018.

Thomas James Ridgewell (born 27 Juin 1990),[2] kent online as TomSka, is an Inglis YouTube celebrity, writer, producer, director, actor, an filmmakker.

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