Tok Pisin

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Tok Pisin
Spoken natively in Papua New Guinea
Native speakers 120,000  (2004)[1]
4 million L2 speakers
Leid faimlie
Inglis Creole
  • Paceefic
    • Tok Pisin
Writin seestem Laitin script (Tok Pisin alphabet)
Pidgin Braille
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in  Papua New Guinea
Leid codes
ISO 639-2 tpi
ISO 639-3 tpi
Linguasphere 52-ABB-cc
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phonetic symbols in Unicode.

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Tok Pisin (Inglis /tɒk ˈpɪsɪn/;[2] Tok Pisin [ˌtokpiˈsin]) is a creole leid spoken throughoot Papua New Guinea. It is an offeecial leid o Papua New Guinea an the maist widely uised leid in that kintra. In pairts o Wastren, Gulf, Central, Oro Province an Milne Bay Provinces, however, the uise o Tok Pisin haes a shorter history, an is less universal, especially amang aulder fowk. While it likely developed as a trade pidgin, linguists nou consider it as a distinct leid o its ain an refer tae it bi its ain name.

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