Tocantins River

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Tocantins River
Tocantins River.jpg
Kintra Brazil
Mooth Pará River
 - coordinates 1°45′S 49°10′W / 1.750°S 49.167°W / -1.750; -49.167Coordinates: 1°45′S 49°10′W / 1.750°S 49.167°W / -1.750; -49.167
Lenth 2,080 km (1,292 mi) [1]
Tocantins watershed.png
Cairt o the Araguaia/Tocantins Wattershed

The Tocantins River (Portuguese pronunciation: [tokɐ̃ˈtʃĩs], [tukɐ̃ˈtʃĩs]) is a river in Brazil, the central fluvial airtery o the kintra.

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