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10t Emperor o the Roman Empire
Titus of Rome.jpg
Bust o Emperor Titus, in the Capitoline Museum, Roum.
Ring 24 Juin 79 – 13 September 81
Predecessor Vespasian
Successor Domitian
Born 30 December 39(39-12-30)
Dee'd 13 September 81(81-09-13) (aged 41)
Buirial Roum
Spouse Arrecina Tertulla (aboot 62)
Issue Julia Flavia
Full name
Titus Flavius Vespasianus
(frae birth tae AD 69);
Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus (frae 69 tae accession);
Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus (as emperor);
Imperator Titus Caesar Augustus (imperial name)[1]
Dynasty Flavian dynasty
Faither Vespasian
Mither Domitilla

Titus (Laitin: Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus;[2] 30 December 39 – 13 September 81) wis Roman Emperor frae 79 tae 81. A member o the Flavian dynasty, Titus succeedit his faither Vespasian upon his daith, thus acomin the first Roman Emperor tae come tae the throne efter his ain faither.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Titus' regal name haes an equivalent meanin in Scots as "Commander Titus Caesar, the Emperor".
  2. In Clessical Laitin, Titus' name would be inscribed as TITVS FLAVIVS CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVGVSTVS.