Timor Sea

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Timor Sea
The Timor Sea at Vessoru, East Timor
Timor See.jpg
Coordinates 10°S 127°E / 10°S 127°E / -10; 127Coordinates: 10°S 127°E / 10°S 127°E / -10; 127
Teep Sea
Catchment aurie East Timor, Australie, Indonesie
Surface aurie 610,000 km2 (240,000 sq mi)
Average deepth 406 m (1,332 ft)
Max. deepth 3,200 m (10,500 ft)
Islands Tiwi Islands, Ashmore an Cartier Islands
Trenches Timor Trough
Settlements Darwin, Northren Territory

The Timor Sea (Indonesian: Laut Timor; Portuguese: Mar de Timor) is a relatively shallae sea boondit tae the north bi the island o Timor, tae the east bi the Arafura Sea, tae the sooth bi Australie an tae the wast bi the Indian Ocean.