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Tibia - frontal view.png
Poseetion o tibia (shawn in reid)
Braus 1921 293.png
Cross section o the leg shawin the different compairtments (laitin terminology)
Articulations Knee, ankle, superior an
inferior tibiofibular jynt
Laitin (os) tibia
TA A02.5.06.001
FMA 24476
Anatomical terms o bane

The tibia /ˈtɪbiə/ (plural tibiae /ˈtɪbii/ or tibias), an aa kent as the shinbone or shankbane, is the lairger an stranger o the twa banes in the leg ablo the knee in vertebrates (the ither bein the fibula), an it connects the knee wi the ankle banes.