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Kintra Italy
River mooth Tyrrhenian Sea
Physical characteristics
Lenth 406 km (252 mi)

The Tiber (Laitin Tiberis, Italian Tevere, Italian pronunciation: [ˈteːvere])[1] is the third-langest river in Italy, risin in the Apennine Muntains in Emilia-Romagna an flowin 406 kilometres (252 mi) through Umbrie an Lazio to the Tyrrhenian Sea.[2] It drains a basin estimatit at 17,375 square kilometres (6,709 sq mi). The river haes achieved lastin fame as the main wattercoorse o the ceety o Roum, foondit on its eastren banks.

The river rises at Munt Fumaiolo in central Italy an flows in a generally sootherly direction past Perugia an Roum tae meet the sea at Ostia. Popularly cried flavus ("the blond"), in reference tae the yellaeish colour o its watter, the Tiber haes hivily advanced at the mooth bi aboot 3 kilometres (2 miles) syne Roman times, leavin the auncient port o Ostia Antica 6 kilometres (4 miles) inland.[3][4] However, it daes nae furm a proportional delta, owin tae a strang north-flowin sea current close tae the shore, tae the steep shelvin o the coast, an tae slow tectonic subsidence.

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