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Sponsors 863 Program
Location Guangzhou, Cheenae
Airchitectur Intel Xeon E5, Xeon Phi
Pouer 17.6 MW (24 MW wi cuilin)
Operatin seestem Kylin Linux[1]
Memory 1,375 TiB (1,000 TiB CPU and 375 TiB Coprocessor)[1]
Storage 12.4 PB
Speed 33.86 PFLOPS
Cost 2.4 billion Yuan (390 million USD)[2]
Purpose Research an eddication

Tianhe-2 or TH-2 (Cheenese: 天河-2; pinyin: tiānhé-èr; leeterally: "Skyriver-2" idiomatically "Milky Way 2") is a 33.86 petaflops supercomputer locatit in Sun Yat-sen Varsity, Guangzhou, Cheenae.[3] It wis developed bi a team o 1300 scientists an ingineers.

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